Flower Electronics manufactures high quality, unique musical instruments for the education, sound art, and noise communities. In addition, Flower Electronics presents hands-on electronics workshops at schools, galleries, and museums.

Flower Electronics products emphasize creativity, utility, durability, and freedom. Instruments are built with care in small batches, using the highest quality materials available, and are designed to last a lifetime.

Designed by Jessica Rylan, the instruments draw on the best of 1960's and 70's modular synthesizers, 1980's guitar effects pedals, chaos theory, and old-fashioned intuition. This breadth of influence is distilled into a strikingly original and immediate sound.

picture of Jessica Rylan
Jessica Rylan — Designer and Owner

Jessica Rylan has performed electronic music and exhibited art across North America and Europe. She is currently a Research Affiliate at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. In her spare time, she is a full-time engineering student at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

picture of Victoria Shen
Victoria Shen — Project Assistant

Victoria Shen is a multi-media artist who is influenced by the internet, and Jean Baudrillard.

picture of Karl Giesing
Karl Giesing — The Muscle

Karl Giesing, better known by his "nom de bruit" Karlheinz, is widely regarded as the Cadillac of the Boston noise scene.

picture of Edamame
Edamame — Chaos Consultant

When not asleep on the couch, Edamame likes to dash about in irregular loops. Time series analysis of her path reveals a positive Lyapunov exponent.

Remote Collaborators
  • Victoria O'Hanlon — Marketing and Outreach
  • Nathan Trites — Corporate Sales
  • Tim Madden — Graphic Design
  • Larry Piper — MIS
Hall of Fame
  • Dugan Hayes — All-star
  • Joshua Hydeman — Distortion Consultant
  • Sasha Wiseman — Attention to detail
  • Carrie Keach — Research

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