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Jealous Heart

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Jealous Heart
Jealous Heart
voltage controlled low frequency oscillator (LFO)
asymmetrical multimode filter (low pass/bandpass/high pass)
1/4" input with variable gain
white and dark noise
two audio inputs, one with -/+ attenuator
two filter cutoff voltage control inputs, one with -/+ attenuator
powder-coated aluminum case
supplied with:
set of 7 banana patch cords
Jealous Heart Manual/Tutorial:
JH Manual (1.5 MB)

The Jealous Heart runs on a single 9V battery. Disconnecting the output cable shuts off the power. The circuitry is hand-built with premium parts. Instruments are supplied with a set of banana cables for patching. Input and output are via standard 1/4" connectors. Asymmetrical response for novel distortion and chaos sounds.

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